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Blog URL =

Published publications = 20

You can send only one of the site maps to Google / Bing, either the Blogger Dynamic Sitemap or Atom Feed, but do not send both. Submitting either sitemaps will do the job.

Blogger Dynamic Sitemap
Send the following site map (s) to the Google search console and Bing webmaster tools.

»For details on what dynamic sitemaps are, click here.
»To know how these sitemaps are created, click here

Blogger Atom Feed Sitemap
Send the following site maps to the Google and Bing webmaster tools. If you want help, follow this tutorial: How to send a site map to Google?
atom.xml? redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 150

Ping bing
Click on the following links to ping Bing. Also remember to submit your site maps to Bing / Yahoo webmaster tools by choosing any of the methods described above.

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