Review Hyundai Xteer Top Prime 0/40

Hundai Xteer Top Prime is a premium performance engine oil formulated with state of the art additives and fully synthetic base fluids( PAO+ GIII). It provides best thermal and oxidative stability for improved oil life and deposit control as well as excellent friction reduction and seal compatibility enhancement. Hyundai Xteer TOP PRIME is suitable for use is gasoline passenger car, light duty gasoline truck, diesel passenger car and LPG passenger car under all operating conditions.

  • Gasoline/ Diesel Compact/ LPG Cars
  • High fuel efficiency - featured cars
  • High accelerator reaction speed- demanded cars

  • It provides maximum engine protection at the highest speeds.
  • It reduces deposit and sludge in engines and pistons
0/40.... Viscosity.... 40Co.....86.9.......100 Co....15.05.......Viscosity Index...... 183.... Flash Point...224........ Pour Point ...... -45.0
Review Hyundai Xteer Top Prime 0/40 Review Hyundai Xteer Top Prime 0/40 Reviewed by Zain on April 06, 2020 Rating: 5

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