Price Of Hyundai H-100 in Pakistan

Over of Hyundai H-100.
Hyundai is planning to launch the all-new Hyundai H-100 in Pakistan. Hyundai H-100 is also known as Hyundai Porter in other regions of the world. Due to recent developments in CPEC, there has been a large influx of pickup truck by new manufacturers in recent months. Hyundai H-100 was awarded the best selling truck in South Korea in 2016. The 4th Generation of Hyundai H-100 is offered in single and double cabin globally but only single cabin will be launched in Pakistan keeping the market dynamics in mind. Hyundai H-100 price in Pakistan will be kept competitive to rule out the rivals.   
Price of Hyundai is 2450000/-
Xteer Hyundai Oil

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