Price of Honda City

Overview Of Honda City 5th Generation:-

Honda City (5th Generation) was launched on 31st January 2009 by Atlas Honda Cars Pakistan. The Honda City 5th Generation is a front engine front wheel drive subcompact sedan with outstanding features and specifications. The Honda City 2020 featured a brand new and more aggressive model design language compared to the previous City as well as new engines and interior panels, Honda Atlas launched a new 1.5 L engine in 2013 and then in 2014, it received a face lift in October which included a series of minor cosmetic changes. Then, again in  2017, it received another face lift in which immobilizer and few cosmetic changes were introduced. Honda City 2020 is available in 2 variants the Honda City i-VTEC and the Honda City Aspire. However, Honda halted the production of Honda City Aspire in 1.3L engine option at the end of 2017.
Price of Honda Cit is 2350000/- to 2750000/-
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